Finding Your Fashion Muse

For decades, fashion has been at the helm of one’s creative expression.  And, as fashion has so boldly shown us over time, there’s no limit to which such creative expression can be expressed; the skies the limit.  Individual style said a lot about the individual; the same holds true today, i.e.,  Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, and like so many others before them; With that being said, while most of how one dons himself or herself, in part, has a lot do with personality, one’s culture and the environment from which they come also has a strong influence on their stye choice. The Inspiration behind  one’s style can come from just about anywhere, whether from the richly cultured streets of Harlem, one of the meccas of eclectic urban style,  Delhi, or  the urban chic fashion capital, Paris,  and no matter what your fashion sense says about you OWN IT!  LOVE IT!

What inspires your style?




Red Alert

Nars Lip Pencil

As I have not posted in a while,  I assure you my time away didn’t go by without some fashion and beauty leg work.  In my spare time I perused magazines and websites, and became a familiar face to many cosmetic counters, filling my fancy with new products, which lead me to what is now my new favorite cosmetic bag must have, NARS’s lip pencil in Jungle Red ($22)   As of late, I have become obsessed with having a sexy, pouty, red lip mouth, and thanks to this awesome lip pencil my lips will the main attraction in all my makeup looks… it glides on like butter, but has the staying power of a true matte.

Beating the Summer Muggies

After duking it out all winter long with old man winter, storing away the Uggs and the parkas for that much awaited summer gear and some fun in the sun, seems like a real treat right? Maybe! However,living on the east coast, unfortunately leaves one susceptible to the grueling heat and humidity of those torrid summer months, and combating the mugginess is a bit of a challenge in and of itself: obviously the skin is much more exposed, and therefore, is a target of the sun. Also, the hair becomes a somewhat stubborn unruly monster to tame. But no need to become hermit; all hope isn’t lost. There’s an array of products on the market with the ability to help get you through the summer as long as you’re willing to do the leg work to find out what works best for you and your needs.  Switching moisturizers to an oil-free or water base is also necessary during  the summer….Below are a few of my must have essentials that keep me shine free all summer.

Neutrogena's oil-free cleansing wipes keeps the face fresh and clean throughput the day. Just plop them in your beach bag and use as needed.
Cool and refreshing.
About the size of credit card, these oil zappers are just what the doctor ordered. Their small size makes them easy to fit in any purse and even your back pocket.
A cream in disguise!
Don’t let it’s contents fool you
Light-weight thirst quencher for the face

Brush Preservation

Owning a good set of brushes is key to perfecting a flawless look. However, in order to get the most out of your brushes, special care should be given to your investment; Yes, investment. Brushes are one of, if not the most important necessity of every makeup bag, and where the bulk of your dollars should be spent– hence the investment. Keeping your brushes fresh and clean not only gives them a longer life span
The Cleansing process:
Daily cleansing

    After each use, squeeze a half-dollar size of brush cleaner (MAC brush cleaner) on to a clean paper towel and whisk brush in a back-and-forth motion over the cleaner. Do this for each brush used. Giving your brushes a daily cleansing helps to cut down on the buildup of product absorbed from everyday use, which can cause bacteria to set in and find its way to the delicate skin.

    For a more thorough cleaning, which typically should be done at least once every four weeks,
    use a mild non-abrasive soap product such as Johnsons baby shampoo (Baby shampoo is ideal because it’s not only mild, it leaves the brushes soft and fluffy) and lukewarm water….pour a dime size amount of shampoo into a cup, then fill the water just up to where the bristles on the brushes end and let sit for about 5 minutes, then pour out the dirty water and gently squeeze the remaining water out of the brushes one at a time.

    This step can be repeated several times, particularly with those brushes that tend to collect more product, such as the foundation brush or any brush used for heavy apply heavy pigments, e.g concealers and paints… this last step requires squeezing some shampoo into the palm of your hand and swishing the brushes around in the hand and squeezing out excess water. Do this until water starts to run clear. Once brushes are clean,either stand upright in some receptacle, or lay flat on a clean paper towel with the bristle end hanging over the edge of a flat surface.