Finding Your Fashion Muse

For decades, fashion has been at the helm of one’s creative expression.  And, as fashion has so boldly shown us over time, there’s no limit to which such creative expression can be expressed; the skies the limit.  Individual style said a lot about the individual; the same holds true today, i.e.,  Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, and like so many others before them; With that being said, while most of how one dons himself or herself, in part, has a lot do with personality, one’s culture and the environment from which they come also has a strong influence on their stye choice. The Inspiration behind  one’s style can come from just about anywhere, whether from the richly cultured streets of Harlem, one of the meccas of eclectic urban style,  Delhi, or  the urban chic fashion capital, Paris,  and no matter what your fashion sense says about you OWN IT!  LOVE IT!

What inspires your style?





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